Meeting the Logo


A little bit about me.

I proudly display the date of San Francisco State University's founding—1899—to emphasize the University's rich heritage. My stylized renditions of both the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands are a nod to the University's location in San Francisco and the Pacific Rim. My flame and classical goddess of wisdom represent commitment to enlightenment and learning. I stand ready to represent your University department, college or program and ensure a strong and consistent brand on and off campus.


There is only one of me, but I come in two versions.

Horizontal Logo

Please try to use me first, especially for collateral aimed at audiences off campus, because I have the full name of the University spelled out on me.


Horizontal Logo for San Francisco State University with Pantone colors labeled

Vertical Logo

Feel free to use me when you have restricted horizontal spacing and for all on-campus uses since I have the shortened version of the University name, SF State.


Vertical logo for San Francisco sState University with Pantone colors labeled


Which can be displayed in these colors:

Pantone Color

4-Color Process



  Pantone color 2755C (dark purple) 2755C

C97  M100  YK30
HTML #231161
R35  G17  B97

  Pantone color 2755C with 85% tint (dark purple) 2755C 85% TINT

C82  M85  Y K26
HTML #463077
R70  G48  B119

  Pantone color 117C (gold) 117C

CM27  Y100  K12
HTML #C99700
R201  G151  B0

  Pantone color 117C with 60% tint (gold) 117C 60% TINT

CM16  Y60  K7
HTML #E9D597
R232  G191  B106